Sidel, one of three industry groups of Tetra Laval, is a leading provider of equipment and services solutions for packaging beverage, food, home, and personal care products. Sidel has over 170 years of experience with proven expertise in blowing, filling, labelling, material-handling, end-of-line and line-engineering solutions, including an innovative focus on the factory of tomorrow with advanced systems.

Complete Lines



Water Lines

Success in water beverage production requires focus on maximum output and efficiency, with commitment to hygienefood safetycost optimization and sustainability. Whether you’re producing still or sparkling water, our unmatched expertise helps you achieve more with extensive technical knowledge and packaging capabilities.

With over 40 years of experience in designing and implementing customized complete PET line solutions for water, we can help you reach your production targets. Over the years, we have significantly reduced the weight of water bottles and hence the carbon footprint of our customers, while retaining bottles durability and expanding design opportunities.

Aseptic Lines

Perfectly defined liquid recipes and processing methods, combined with the right PET bottle and aseptic packaging solution, can ensure maximum product integrity along the supply chain for juicesnectarssoft drinksisotonic and teas (JNSDIT) as well as liquid dairy products (LDP), while optimizing uptimecosts and sustainability.

We have worked with the dairy and JNSDIT industries for more than 50 and 60 years, respectively. Forty years of aseptic packaging expertise has led to our development of proven solutions, including innovative dry preform decontamination and traditional wet-bottle decontamination.

The combination of PET, the best material in terms of carbon footprint, dry preform decontamination, which cuts to zero the use of water, and aseptic technology, which does not require aluminum foils and highly pollutant refrigerated transportations, makes Sidel’s aseptic line the most sustainable packaging solution for your needs.

Carbonated Soft Drinks Lines

Success in carbonated soft drinks (CSD) beverage production requires focus on flexibility and overall efficiency, with cost-effective and sustainable resource management and branding opportunities that deliver optimal results across your supply chain. Our unmatched expertise and technical knowledge of PET packaging help you achieve more. 

With more than 40 years of experience in designing and implementing customized, complete PET line solutions for CSD, we can help you expand your line’s production capabilities. Over time, we have significantly reduced the weight of CSD bottles and hence the carbon footprint of our customers while retaining bottle resistance and expanding design opportunities. 

Hot Fill Lines

Hot-filling technology can expand production and packaging opportunities for juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT). No matter your beverage type, our unmatched expertise helps you achieve more with extensive technical knowledge and packaging capabilities.

With 45 years of hot-filling experience, we continue to lead the industry with more than 1,000 proven Sidel Hot Fill solutions worldwide. Over the last 30 years, we have significantly reduced the weight of heat-resistant (HR) bottles while retaining their durability and improving design opportunities.

Edible Oil Lines

From innovative packaging concept to industrial design reality, a single supplier with a large portfolio adapted for every need

Today, edible oil is a very competitive market category, essentially driven by product and brand differentiation as well as competitiveness through packaging cost savings, production efficiency and permanent asset optimization.

Sidel has a strong heritage in edible oil, acting as a one-stop shop partner in proposing complete and integrated PET lines. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment is capable of answering any request in terms of PET bottles, labels, caps, secondary packaging, footprint and line speeds along with ensuring an overall technical coherence, an adapted level of investment and an optimized return on investment (ROI).

Complete lines for Sauces & Dressings

From ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard to soy or chili-based sauces and salad dressings, the sauces and dressings market category is both diverse and dynamic. Today, the new generation of table sauce users has a wide range of concerns including a healthier lifestyle, sustainability and natural ingredients (zero artificial additives, plant-based recipes or vegetarianism). New flavours and exotic combinations are also boosting the number of references on supermarket shelves.

Brand owners are addressing these new trends by focusing on food safety as well as product and brand differentiation. At the production site level, competitiveness through packaging cost savings, production efficiency and permanent asset optimization remain a top priority.

Sidel has long-standing experience with all kinds of sauce or dressing, as well as being a one-stop shop partner offering complete and integrated PET, HDPE or glass lines. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment can meet any request in terms of plastic bottles, glass jars, labels, caps, secondary packaging, footprint and line speeds. Ensuring overall technical consistency, the right level of investment and an optimized return on investment (ROI) is our mission!

Coffee, Tea & Instant drinks

From beans, ground and instant to loose, sachet or pod the Coffee and Tea market categories are multifaceted while increasingly influenced by consumers’ health based, ethical and sustainable requirements.

The growth of e-commerce and fierce market competition are currently driving brand owners and private labels to focus on product quality and integrity, and to adopt agile marketing and distribution set-ups. At production site level, advanced flexibility is a must-have too, due to the increase in SKUs and packaging varieties. Refill and single-serve business models are also affecting production and packaging line organization.

Super Combi

Water and carbonated soft drinks remain two of the world’s most valuable beverage categories. To satisfy high demand, while also maintaining the flexibility needed to address varying market preferences, a smarter solution is needed: Sidel Super Combi


Sidel introduced the Combi concept to the industry in 1997. A competitive alternative to traditional lines, the Combi adds value to any complete PET packaging line by combining blow moulding, filling and capping in an integrated system.

By eliminating conveyingempty-bottle handling, accumulation and storage, Combis optimise line layout with a smaller footprint, improving production hygiene and efficiency while lowering operating costs.


Built on 40 years of experience in PET packaging & blowing, Sidel blow moulding solutions deliver quality, safety, flexibility, competitiveness and environmental benefits. At every step, our experts cater specifically to your product and your production.

Whether transparent or opaque, and across PET, recycled PET (up to 100% rPET), and refillable PET (refPET), Sidel EvoBLOW blowing range offers customised packaging shapes and formats with lightweighting possibilities. Our innovative, robust and patented solutions ensure the highest level of production efficiency with dedicated blowing processes to meet your needs.


Sidel is able to fill your liquid products with the utmost precision and efficiency while handling the products smoothly and gently.

Regardless of product type – from still water to carbonated soft drinks, beer, juice, isotonics, tea or liquid dairy products – we offer robust and reliable filling solutions along with extensive know-how and experience in filling:

  • Cold filling
  • Hot filling
  • Aseptic filling
  • Distributed in cold chain or ambient temperatures


Labelling is essential to building your brand. It is the most-dynamic and changeable product-packaging element and a prime consideration for beverage producers worldwide. Subject to increasing regulatory demands globally, labelling currently is a highly intricate process and more vital to your products than ever.

With more than 40 years of industry labelling experience, we are well aware of the need for attractive packaging, as well as need sustainable and cost-efficient production in order to meet increasing regulations and consumer demands. At Sidel, we are sure to stay on top of industry trends and have the expertise to meet all your labelling needs.

Container Treatment & Cleaning

Perfectly reconciling ultra-strict hygiene requirements with cost efficiency, speed and versatility, our container cleaning and treatment equipment will ensure that your bottles and crates come through this rigorous process in mint condition and without any wasteful delays.

Sidel’s crate and bottle washers are gentle on your containers and can adapt to various formats while offering the very latest technology. Meanwhile, our pasteurisers are suitable for all beverage containers and combine low energy consumption with easy user access.

Conveying & Feeding Systems

Sidel conveying, feeding and accumulation systems can manage containers of hugely varying materials and formats, and can handle a variety of container shapes. With outputs reaching 160,000 containers/hour, these systems are suitable for the broadest possible scope of industries and products.

As well as these conveying and accumulation units, we can provide product-flow distribution, laning and combining solutions, thus ensuring a comprehensive equipment offering. A a big takeaway for your products: all these systems boast great cost efficiency. 


Sidel tailored Maintenance Services ensure reliable and efficient line operation. Our global network of equipment experts will help you plan, achieve, and maintain performance as well as safeguarding the long-term value of your line and controlling costs.

Spare Parts

To maximise your uptime, Sidel Spare Parts Services deliver superior quality parts in full and with shorter lead times. Our parts are extremely durable and can be installed on all types of Sidel equipment worldwide to keep your production lines running optimally.

Line Assessments

Whatever your equipment, you can rely on Sidel Line Assessment solutions to analyse your line operations and processes and identify any unexplored potential. This range of services is designed to focus on your specific production needs and targets. From line efficiency and design, to packaging integrity and even energy and water consumption, our expert engineers will help you exploit every opportunity to enhance your line performance.

Moulds and Line Conversion

With Sidel Moulds and Line Conversion services, our packaging and equipment specialists help you implement new formats and SKUs, and different materials on your line efficiently and flawlessly. Sidel is always by your side to help you optimise line productivity and performance whatever packaging you need to produce.


Sidel Training Services are designed to strengthen your team’s abilities to ensure safety, product quality and line efficiency. From identifying which skills need to be increased to defining specific training courses and complete team competence plans, you can rely on our solutions to ensure your machines operate as efficiently as possible.

Line Improvement

Based on our Original Equipment Manufacturer knowhow and comprehensive line design expertise, our Line Improvement Services can help you fully exploit assets. From blow-moulders to palletisers, you can rely on our wide range of machine upgrades to achieve all your targets efficiently.

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